How to Improve Your Performance in Life

Success isn’t just an accident.  People who consistently reach high levels of achievement do things differently from the rest.

Today I’d like to talk about a 3 step process that will immediately improve your performance in any area.

This method is simple, quick, but almost nobody does it.

I call it the EAS. The Effective Action System.


Most people do not spend enough time preparing before they begin something.

They don’t research the backgrounds of the people they are seeing.

They don’t look into the history of the company they are visiting.

They don’t pre-write their questions. Or work out their most important points.

Or check their presentation equipment is working.

They don’t take the time to prepare any more deeply than just handling the basics.

However elite performers behave differently.

They take the time to get fully immersed in the upcoming opportunity, making sure they are clear and knowledgeable about the people or company they are about to interact with.

Result? Vastly higher levels of success.


Success doesn’t happen in a straight line.

We always have setbacks, obstacles and serious failures along the way. (For more on this buy my recent book, Why People Fail).

With this in mind, it makes perfect sense to come up with alternative plans and options in case things don’t work out. As often they won’t.

Successful people have fall back positions and alternative strategies ready, so when misfortune strikes they can move immediately to a new game plan for success.

Failures have only one plan – and if it doesn’t work often they’re in trouble.

Don’t make this mistake. Take the time to develop plans B, C and D . You’ll not only be much more effective, your confidence will dramatically rise as well.

Because you’ll know deep inside that you are ready for any scenario.


This is one of the most important concepts to use if you want a lifetime of ultra achievement.

When most people finish a meeting, work session or important human interaction, they spend almost no time evaluating how they performed.

Typically, they give it a moment’s thought then get moving on the next task or appointment.

This is such a waste , as inside every event is the chance to search for ways we can improve.

If you can just get into the habit of always debriefing every time you finish a task, you’ll find you quickly become better at it.

As Ray Dalio, one of the world’s wealthiest fund managers emphasizes, “The main difference between the successful and unsuccessful is that successful people find and fix weaknesses.”

But if you don’t take a few minutes to debrief after every performance, you will rarely identify those weaknesses, let alone work out a way to fix them.

So that’s the Effective Action System, one of the most powerful methods to increase your chances of success in existence.

Try it for a week and watch your performance levels soar.